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Paisley Abbey Snow
Paisley's MSP official 2013 Christmas card
Paisley's MSP George Adam has made Christmas a bit more interesting this year, by choosing local artist Garry Byars painting "Paisley Abbey in the snow", to be his official 2013 Christmas card.
Paisley Abbey Snow Greyscale
Paisley Abbey
In 1163, Walter FitzAlan, the first High Steward of Scotland issued a charter for a priory to be set up on land in Paisley, William Wallace, born in nearby Elderslie is widely believed to have been educated for some time when he was a boy in the Abbey.

In 1316 Marjorie Bruce, daughter of Robert I of Scotland and wife of Walter Stewart, the sixth High Steward of Scotland, was out riding near the Abbey. Heavily pregnant at the time, she fell from her horse and was taken to Paisley Abbey where she gave birth to King Robert II. However, Marjorie Bruce died and is buried at the Abbey.

In the abbey itself there are signs which indicate that Marjorie's baby was a caesarean delivery long before anaesthesia was available. A cairn, at the junction of Dundonald Road and Renfrew Road, approximately one mile to the north of the Abbey, marks the spot where she reputedly fell from her horse.

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