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Old Paisley Anchor Mills
Paisley Anchor Mills
The 'Anchor Mills' was built in 1886, for John Clark of Paisley. The Clark family were successful thread manufacturers who, together with the Coats family, played a key role in achieving Paisley's status as a world leader in the manufacture of thread.

Paisley was at one time famous for its weaving industry. For nearly a hundred years the shawls of the Paisley pattern were in fashion, at this time Paisley was at the centre for the manufacture of cotton sewing thread, when in the 1930s in the heyday of Paisley's thread manufacture, there were 28,000 people employed in the huge Anchor and Ferguslie mills of J & P Coats Ltd, said to be the largest of their kind in the world at that time.

The history of the Paisley weavers is annually celebrated on the first Saturday in July by the "Sma Shot Day Festival" with a parade led by the "Charleston Drum" (Replica painted by local artist G. Byars) through the streets of the town to the festival at the Paisley Abbey with stalls and the burning of the cork

Original hand painted stencils
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