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Paisley Laigh Kirk/Arts Centre Snow
Paisley Laigh Kirk/Arts Centre

The Laigh Kirk was founded in 1738 in the original Burgh of Paisley, Scotland.

Paisley had decided as early as 1730 that there was a great need for a Church within the bounds of the Burgh of Paisley. However, it was not until 1736 that the start was made to build the Low (Laigh) Kirk. This was completed in 1738. The original building still stands and is now the Paisley Arts Centre.

The first minister of this new Church was the Rev. Robert Mitchell. From 1756 the Minister of the Paisley Laigh Kirk was the Rev John Witherspoon and in 1766 Princeton University in America invited him to become the President of the University.

Witherspoon would go on to be a pivotal figure in the formation United States of America, as a signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of New Jersey.

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