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Paisley Cross Cenotaph
Paisley Cross Cenotaph
Like most British towns, Paisley raised a memorial to the fallen from the Great War. Paisley's was designed by Robert Lorimer, surmounted by a sculpture of a crusader and four soldiers in battledress by Mrs Meredith Williams.

The Cenotaph at Paisley Cross is unusual among WarMemorials in that it has a medieval Knight on horse back at its centre surrounded by soldiers wearing trenchcoats The cenotaph was unveiled in July 1924 and stands 25 feet high. On the top is the figure of a mounted crusader flanked by four infantrymen. 228 tons of granite was used in it's construction.

The memorial was built to the memory of the 1,923 local men who died in WWI. On the memorial plinth can be found the arms of the burgh, and shields of St Andrew and St George. The memorial was restored and cleaned 1991

Buddies in the picture, there 82 local Paisley buddies in this painting

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