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Paisley County Square
Paisley County Square
County Square is a busy square in Paisley town centre, bounded by Gilmour Street railway station on the north side, the Piazza shopping centre on the east where the Old Paisley Jail/Municipal was situated and a large public house in a former post office on the west. The square is always busy with shoppers and commuters. Nowadays, farmers markets are held there but at one time it was used for public executions.

Gilmour Street was opened in 1840 and extended in 1888. The building is built like a castle and has an arched entrance with octagonal turrets on either side. There ia viaduct on its east side. The Station and the street are named after William Gilmour who was the Provost from 1829 – 1832.

The former post office on the west side of the square, built of red sandstone designed by W.W. Robertson and opened in 1893.

“Buddies in the picture” by G. Byars, where 102 local buddies made a small contribution to the “Renfrewshire Mental Health Arts & Film Festival” for their silhouette to be immortalised in the original artwork of Paisley County Square

Original hand painted stencils
Created by making unique stencils taken from photographs This could include your family and friends or your favorite idols and icons.