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Old Paisley Museum & Library
Paisley Museum & Library
Paisley Museum opened in 1871. The building was designed by the well-known Glasgow architect John Honeyman and was paid for by Sir Peter Coats of the famous Coats thread manufacturing family.

We house a wealth of treasures, from Ancient Egyptian artefacts to reminders of our industrial past and our natural heritage.

Among our treasures, pride of place goes to The Arbuthnott Missal and our unique textile collection. The Paisley Shawl Collection cared for by Renfrewshire Arts and Museums Service is a Recognised Collection of National Significance to Scotland

It was realised that exhibition space in Paisley was inadequate, so three new galleries were built and opened this was then decorated for Queen Victoria's visit in 1888. Further extensions were made to the complex of the building and in 1904 the library was added which projected forward from the old building line, giving the building a whole new aspect.

Original hand painted stencils
Created by making unique stencils taken from photographs This could include your family and friends or your favorite idols and icons.