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Please vision the Paisley Abbey and Town Hall at Christmas Time, with a beautiful deep blue sky, all snowy with Christmas lights reflecting in the River Cart, looking over to Dunn Sq. and the Cenotaph. The background of this artwork will be to a high standard, with lots of Paisley cartoons characters having fun, personalised Business Tents/stalls and lots of activities such as snowmen, choirs, Santa Claus, even a personalized stage.

Short Movie Produced by Victoia Curry & Louise McCarthy Parallax Art Exhibition London
"Paisley Toon" Participants Numbered List (So far, 80 people 14 Businesses last update 14/02/19)
Everyone is invited to come along and to participate in a new artwork that is currently being developing titled "Paisley Toon at Christmas Time". Book online or visit the Sunshine Gallery at the Paisley Shopping Centre (Level 2).
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Paisley Toon Participants so far
Number Who's in the crowd Position in the Painting
01 Taste Buds 22 Lawn St Paisley Large tent at the front
02 Alan & Ann Dunn Area 3 With cat Frodo
03 Paisley Is Large Tent at the front
04 Ian & Diane Clark Area 3 Canadian flag
05 Ann Kennedy, Helen Connell, May Young Small Characters near the Abbey
06 two Children Playing Area 3 paid to come back with more info
07 Paul Black Area 3 Ska T-Shirt
08 Lynne Ballentine Area3 with Stokie
09 Paisley Town Hall. Paul, Emma, Chris & Ian Small characters near the Town Hall area 5
10 Lynn from the Paisley Centre wall tiles With sunglasses and ski
11 The Cave Area 2 Business large tent
12 Ann McDonald for 2 childern Callum & Ross Near the Abbey area 5
13 Thomas & Kirsty McCorkindale With wedding dress area 3 eating chips
14 Bungalow Bar To be confirmed
15 Brian Kerr Busking Area 5
16 Bruce Pettigrew & Sally Higgins Area 3
17 Jacks Large Tent at the Front
18 Lorraine Corrigan & Husband Postman and Lorraine area 4
19 Mary Corcoran In the centre Area 2
20 Mary Stuart Standing with easel
21 Daniel With St. Mirren scarf near Abbey Area 5
22 Andrea Mains Andrea and 3 grandchildren
23 Kennedy's Bar Large Tent Area 2
24 Alan Lindsay Dressed as Robert the Bruce
25 Eddie Gelato Small stall hot dogs area 6
26 Sean Dillan Small Character at the Town Hall Area 6
27 Basement Theatre Company Heather Heather with business sign
28 Richard Neville & Family Area 3 Four Children and Clair
29 Richard Weeks Area 3 making a film
30 Irean & Thomas Kelly Area 5
31 Moongemz Baby Medium Stall Area 3
32 Print Centre Medium Stall Area 3
33 R.T. White (Tribute) Longest serving Paisley Concillor 1935 - 1965
34 George Easton with wife Area 2
35 Marie & Mike Conway Area 3 bennie hat
36 Tastys 34 Gordon St Area 4 business small tent
37 Steven Green Area 3
38 Mr Greenfield Area 6
39 Mike and Debbie Smith Area 3
40 Suttle Garage Area 4 business small tent
41 Mr & Mrs Kelly Area 4
42 Mr Cooper Area 3
43 Kirstein and katherine Area 3 Dark Green and Red jackets
44 Margaret and Jhon Area 3

Christien Muirhead, Eleanor Gautlett

red and black jacket
46 Ron Howe Standing outside "The Cave"
47 Margaret McCorick Area 3
48 Eddy Hynas Standing outside "The Cave"
49 Rush, John, Jon and Kievan Area 3
50 Massey and Paul Area 3a
51 Hamish McLean Engravers Area 6 (Small tent)
52 White Cart & Company Area 2 (Large tent)
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