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Please vision the Paisley Abbey and Town Hall at Christmas Time, with a beautiful deep blue sky, all snowy with Christmas lights reflecting in the River Cart, looking over to Dunn Sq. and the Cenotaph. The background of this artwork will be to a high standard, with lots of Paisley cartoons characters having fun, personalised Business Tents/stalls and lots of activities such as snowmen, choirs, Santa Claus, even a personalized stage.

Short Movie Produced by Victoia Curry & Louise McCarthy Parallax Art Exhibition London
"Paisley Toon" Participants Numbered List (So far, 212 people 14 Businesses last update 13/04/19)
Everyone is invited to come along and to participate in a new artwork that is currently being developing titled "Paisley Toon at Christmas Time". Book online or visit the Sunshine Gallery at the Paisley Shopping Centre (Level 2).
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Paisley Toon Participants so far
Number Who's in the crowd Position in the Painting
01 Taste Buds 22 Lawn St Paisley Large tent at the front
02 Alan & Ann Dunn Area 3 With cat Frodo
03 Paisley Is Large Tent at the front
04 Ian & Diane Clark Area 3 Canadian flag
05 Ann Kennedy, Helen Connell, May Young Small Characters near the Abbey
06 two Children Playing Area 3 paid to come back with more info
07 Paul Black Area 3 Ska T-Shirt
08 Lynne Ballentine Area3 with Stokie
09 Paisley Town Hall. Paul, Emma, Chris & Ian Small characters near the Town Hall area 5
10 Lynn from the Paisley Centre wall tiles With sunglasses and ski
11 The Cave Area 2 Business large tent
12 Ann McDonald for 2 childern Callum & Ross Near the Abbey area 5
13 Thomas & Kirsty McCorkindale With wedding dress area 3 eating chips
14 Bungalow Bar To be confirmed
15 Brian Kerr Busking Area 5
16 Bruce Pettigrew & Sally Higgins Area 3
17 Jacks Large Tent at the Front
18 Lorraine Corrigan & Husband Postman and Lorraine area 4
19 Mary Corcoran In the centre Area 2
20 Mary Stuart Standing with easel
21 Daniel With St. Mirren scarf near Abbey Area 5
22 Andrea Mains Andrea and 3 grandchildren
23 Kennedy's Bar Large Tent Area 2
24 Alan Lindsay Dressed as Robert the Bruce
25 Eddie Gelato Small stall hot dogs area 6
26 Sean Dillan Small Character at the Town Hall Area 6
27 Basement Theatre Company Heather Heather with business sign
28 Richard Neville & Family Area 3 Four Children and Clair
29 Richard Weeks Area 3 making a film
30 Irean & Thomas Kelly Area 5
31 Moongemz Baby Medium Stall Area 3
32 Print Centre Medium Stall Area 3
33 R.T. White (Tribute) Longest serving Paisley Concillor 1935 - 1965
34 George Easton with wife Area 2
35 Marie & Mike Conway Area 3 bennie hat
36 Tastys 34 Gordon St Area 4 business small tent
37 Steven Green Area 3
38 Mr Greenfield Area 6
39 Mike and Debbie Smith Area 3
40 Suttle Garage Area 4 business small tent
41 Mr & Mrs Kelly Area 4
42 Mr Cooper Area 3
43 Kirstein and katherine Area 3 Dark Green and Red jackets
44 Margaret and Jhon Area 3

Christien Muirhead, Eleanor Gautlett

red and black jacket
46 Ron Howe Standing outside "The Cave"
47 Margaret McCorick Area 3
48 Eddy Hynas Standing outside "The Cave"
49 Rush, John, Jon and Kievan Area 3
50 Massey and Paul Area 3a
51 Jim & Diane Potts with daughter area 3
52 Sharon Moran Area 5
53 Hughie Rooney Delivery guy area 5
54 Hamish McLean Engravers Area 6 (Small tent)
55 John & Kelly Louchlan Area 3
56 White Cart & Company Area 2 (Large tent)
57 George & Christopher Standing at the water
58 Joyce Cutherbertson 2 kids and parents
59 WM Phelps Quality Butchers Area 2 (Large tent)
60 Ann Rush Area 3 with dog
61 Peta & Pat Drowelt  
62 Raymond Ross & Lainey McGee Standing at Kennedys
63 Janice White Standing at the bridge
64 Sally Grant & Jean Grant On the bridge
65 Evelyn Ried near the Abbey
66 Anette Smith Playing the Piano
67 George Playing Gutiar Area 2
68 Betty & Tom Picken Near Piano
69 Betty McCormick Standing with Magaret
70 Rab Letham Near Shuttle Garage
71 Tam bettie Near kennedys
72 carla corneli Near WH Peleps
73 CCs & The Patter Bar Large Tent at the Twon Hall
74 Chic Standing at Kennedys
75 Edward Near kennedy with family
76 May Barr ar the bridge
77 Mrs Smith Near the Abbey
78 Thomas & Avro O Mally near Piano
79 Mickey Standing with Margaret McCormick
80 kev Skinnider Royal Engineers Association
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