Orginal Artwork

Four Seasons in one day developments Rev 1

220 people and 10 Businesses Participating

Now at The Pen Corner Paisley Centre 23 High St PA1 2AF level 1 Entrance

Paisley's Four Seasons In One Day

From the 18th April 2024 various print sizes will be on sale on sale at the gallery

A3 42cm x 29 £15 (Framed £35) each

A2 Paper size 16″ x 20″ image size £20 (Framed £45) each

Full size prints will be available soon Size 40″ x 30″ inches £125 each

As a small cartoon “Scotty” fae Star Trek has beamed doon into the original artwork “Four Seasons in one day”.
Strange New Worlds has gone where no Star Trek has gone before — the actual Scotland — to recruit 29-year-old Martin Quinn as “Scotty”. 29-year-old Martin Quinn, born in Paisley and trained at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Even a American listener can immediately detect the difference between the typical “Hollywood” Scots accent and the real deal. Martin is Standing near the front-centre of the artwork.
After 16 months, the original painting will go on exhibition at The Pen Corner Gallery, Paisley Shopping Centre (Top Floor, High St Entrance) on the 18th April 2024. (A3 and 16″ x 20″ prints will also be on Sale (Full Size Prints will be available soon)
I would like to say a big thanks to the 220 people and 10 businesses that have participated in the original artwork. It’s has been great fun to meet everyone and to illustrate all the small cartoon characters. I would also like to say thanks for everyone’s patience, as it was a lot more work than I anticipated.
to highlight all the beautiful architecture and history, that Paisley given to the world for over a Millennium.
Also at the Gallery there is small exhibition from local Paisley Artist including Barbara McMahon. Ian Mulholland, Marina, Ric Harrington and many others.
I will work on the Participant list map this week 

Participant Price List

As a cartoon character, please imagine you and your family or business in this new original artwork.

Row A £75 per person

Row  B £65 per person

Row C £55 per person

Row D £45 per person

Row E £40 per person

Row F £35 per person
Business Tent £150 (1 space available)

Row G £30 per person
Business Stand £100

Row H £25 per person

Row I £20 per person

Row J £15 per person

Row K £10 per person
Business Tent £100, Stall £85

Row L £5 per person
Small Business Stall £70

Town Hall Balcony Characters
Very small characters on the balcony of the Paisley Town Hall £100 per person (5 places available)

Pets Half Price from the above list.

Participant Booked List

Please book your place in the new artwork by emailing

Four Seasons in one day participant list
1. Craig Porter with mother Betty (Row I)
2. Karen MCCoubrey & Julie Gough Row H 
3. Barbra Mc Mahon (Row K) 
4. Andy & Rosin Layden Paid Row I
5. David Potts & Daughter (Row K) 
6. Derek Macintosh & 6 Family Row C 
7. Tastys (Row B) 
8. Pentecostals Church (Row C) 
9. See 4 Less (Row E) 
10. Paisley Picture Framers (Row B) 
11. Dee beers (Row G) 
12. John & Alison Row G 
13. George & Anette Row C 
14. Ben & Amanda Row J 
15. Dougie and Sandra Heart Row H 
16. Ann Brown Row L
17. Angela Ruddy Row L 
18. Andrew Brown Row 
19. Andy Reid Mod Scooter Row F 
20. SW Locks Row E 
21. Pat Kid Book signing Row E paid
22. Mary Stuart Row K
23. Bob Wilson Row H 
24. Steven & son Steven Row K 
25. Terry and Margaret McFadden Row G
26. Paisley Art Institute Row A
27. Charlie Jinks Child Row D  with Medals
28. Paisley Gift Cart Row G 
29. 3 children Row J 
30. James Orabokie Row J Paid red jumper
31. Deninese & Graham Taylor Row G TJIBSI
32. Mr & Mrs Nherera Row J 
33. Kenny Stuart Row J
34. Nancy Seaton & Dog Row f 
35. Monika Row I paid  4 adults and child
36. George Byrne & Dog Row H 
37. Mark Caldwell Row L Scotland top
38. Derek & Hannah dancing and piano
39. Craig Birall & Dad Row H Paid 
40. Shuttle Garage Row G 
41. George Row K paid 
42. Isobel – 2 friends Sam and David Gallaghe Row G 
43. Leich Thomas & Teresa Row J ? please contact Garry no Image
44. Steven Forgyth & Shiobham Row K Paid ? please contact Garry no Image
45. Barry Blair Row L 
46. Sean Dillon Row K