Feb 2024 Excellent news, a Hollywood actor has booked into the original artwork “Four Seasons in One Day”. I’ve not to annouce who this is until the end of March, after they have launched the latest movie. There is room at the very back for small characters if you wish to participate. Next week, I will bring the original painting into the Pen Corner gallery on the top floor of the Paisley Centre. Thanks to everyone and all the businesses who have supported this project, it is nearly finished and the prints will be ready soon Thanks again

Could Catherine Kelly please contact me at the Pen Corner Gallery in the Paisley Centre Top Floor Thurs to Sat 11am to 3.30pm. I keep getting email returns Thanksannounce

Artwork nearly complete “Paisley’s Four Seasons in One Day. 

The Sunshine Gallery was set up in 2009 to exhibit a wide diversity of talents and skills from Renfrewshire artists, selling original artwork and limited prints.

Now moved to the Pen Corner on the top floor of the Paisley Shopping Centre Near the High Street Entrance 23 High St. Paisley PA1 2AF

Original hand painted & small canvas with easel
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NYC & Twin Towers 1998 -2021
 A donation will go to 9/11 memorial
New York in Paisley, From the sale of the artwork a donation will go to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum 
In 1998 my painting, Italy/USA on mirror, was on display at Rico’s Italian Restaurant in Glasgow. When they closed, I went to pick up my paintings and the workmen said they had been smashed and I did see 1 of “Rome” in bits. Really down hearted as I had spent a lot of time on the paintings. Now in 2021 a chap comes into the gallery and showed me a picture “New York and the Twin Towers”. In amazement I asked where he got it and he said it was in house in Bathgate. I would like to thank Simon Lieberman for retuning the painting after 23 years and is now on display at the Sunshine Gallery Paisley Shopping Centre level 2 next to Cafe Su
Sunshine Gallery Exhibiting Artists

Artwork by G. Byars

Garry Byars: – A self taught artist from Paisley Scotland. With original artwork and limited prints for sale, here you will find a wide variety of designs in various mediums and styles, created over the past 36 years. View Scenic Paisley

Pet Portraits by Jennifer Hargan

Jennifer Hargan: –  From Paisley Scotland. Along with Pet Portraits, here you will find a wide variety of designs including:- Watercolour Scottish Thistles and Charcoal Illustrations Book Now for Christmas 2021.

City Trams & Buses by I. Mulholland

Ian Mulholland – Born in Glasgow Scotland. With original artwork and limited prints for sale, here you will find a wide variety of City Trams & Buses in various mediums and styles, created over the past 65 years.

Buddies at Barshaw Park & Paisley Toon
Buddies in Paisley Toon

The painting features Paisley’s stunning Abbey and Town Hall looking over the River Cart to Dunn Square. There are 271 real people, 18 Businesses and famous actor Scott Reid from “Still Game” all participating in the original artwork.

Buddies at Barshaw Park

At Barshaw Park Paisley, looking down from the hill, over the pond and with Paisley’s Architecture in the background. There are 173 real people, 20 Businesses and famous characters including Paolo Nutini, Gerry Raferty and artist John Byrne, all in the original artwork.

Italian Mirrors